• All writings posted here are mine unless stated
  • Featured photos are mobile photos that is either mine or my friend’s (Anra)
  • I write in Filipino and English language
  • I am a college student from Manila (Philippines) so I don’t always have ‘time’ for writing
  • Half of my day is for calligraphy/writing and the other half is for coding/acads/tv series
  • Most of the time, I write about unrequited love

Try to know me between the lines of every letters, spaces and punctuation I write. I may never give you my name (although some of you already know me) but I hand you these words and scars for us to share. Cheers for all the blood that could’ve bled out of our wrists but still managed to flow inside our body. Keep writing and reading, dear.

This is literally out of nowhere but I have an instagram account for calligraphy! (Click me: @mervtypes)


DISCLAIMER: Umalis ka na lang kung hindi mo ako naiintindihan o susubukang intindihin.